Press release

Yarn Scissors Silk is a site for creative souls that enjoy one or many fun hobbies such as paper crafts, art and mixed media, knitting and crocheting, needle arts, quilting and sewing, and so many more. It’s so much more than a website! Yarn Scissors Silk will be a meeting place for designers, makers, consumers and manufacturers to come together and learn in a fun, interactive and entertaining way.

We’ll have tutorials, product reviews, styling help and organizational ideas. Yarn Scissors Silk will help with tips and tricks for crafty entertaining, DIY home projects and ideas for using old and new products in creative ways. The site will be photo driven with creative and beautiful photography, videos, and a marketplace where consumers can purchase supplies and kits.

We need the help, creativity and support of designers, manufacturers and writers. Whether you are an established business, a designer beginning a craft venture, or a hobbyist who would like to be recognized, we would love to work with you!

Having positive press reviews or news of our new business would be so helpful and appreciated. We promise to deliver a professional and interesting site that you’ll be proud to associate with.

Thanks so much for your consideration and help!