Simple Centerpiece Arrangements With a Bow K Base

A cool new tool lets you easily create professional-looking creative simple centerpiece arrangements.

Simple centerpiece arrangements with flowers, ribbons and a Bow K base

A few months ago I discovered a really unique and useful tool for creating beautiful, professional-looking arrangements using ribbons, bows, fresh or silk flowers, or other treats of all kinds. I was thrilled to have met Deanna Russo, the inventor of this useful product, who sent me a box of goodies so I could experiment with the Bow K®.

I love this product, especially the fact that you can create simple centerpiece arrangements that can be refreshed and reused! Bow K is a perfect way to repurpose ribbons and bows or any other decorative items that will fit in the circular holes. I chose to experiment with silk flowers for my project but plan to keep a couple of these around for fresh flower arrangements, too. Hope you enjoy this quick tutorial on how to use this terrific product!

Let's Go!


  • Bow K Centerpiece (circular ribbon-craft keepsake base)
  • Silk or fresh flowers or any other chosen item to create your centerpiece (see below for other craft materials compatible with the Bow K)
  • Wire cutters or scissors (if cutting stems of silk flowers)
  • Ribbon and bows 
  • Container of your choice


Place the Bow K in your container. If using ribbon bows in your simple centerpiece arrangements as I did, make the bows, leaving a tail long enough to thread through the Bow K. (Click here for my tutorial showing you how to make a bow with wired ribbon, including a quick video demonstration)

Thread the ends of your bows in the outer edges of the Bow K. Tie each one on the back as shown. Work your way around, adding as many bows as you like. 

Now begin adding your choice of flowers. If needed, cut the stems of the fresh flowers (with a sharp knife or scissors) or the silk flowers using sturdy scissors or wire cutters. 

Click the play button below for a video demonstration showing you how to make a simple centerpiece arrangement with a Bow K base.


Video demonstration of how to arrange flowers and ribbons in a Bow K base tool for simple centerpiece arrangements


I enjoyed experimenting with my floral display and even plan to use a Bow K for a Christmas tree topper this year! It would fit perfectly on the top branch with cascading ribbon and other ornaments or decorations. I'd love to hear about craft tools or ideas you've enjoyed using! Use the comment box below to tell me about them!

*other suggestions for craft materials compatible with the Bow K are: Treats on a stick, LED lights, Balloons, Christmas tree toppers, Flags, Decorative candles, Yarn, Wire stems with pearls or beads attached, Floral picks, fresh flowers, greenery, etc.

Click here to order a Bow-K and give it a try! 

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