Ribbon-Embellished Ladies Winter Hat

Embellish a purchased winter hat with ribbons for a fashionable, feminine DIY winter accessory that also makes statement!

Elastic ribbon flower trim embellishing a purchased white chenille winter hat

Living here in Colorado I tend to wear a lot of winter hats and always look for something cute that makes a bit of a statement. I’d been looking for something new and decided I’d just need to make it! Here’s how I made a darling, fashionable winter hat with a few inexpensive supplies.

At Target I found a soft chenille winter hat that came in a variety of colors and at $9.00 each I knew I could find all kinds of things to do with these cute hats. Some of them I embellished with felting (Needle-Felted Winter Hat) but I decided to do something different with the white hat and embellish with flowers or ribbons. My trip to Jo-Ann’s rewarded me with all kinds of choices of lovely ribbon trims and the key was finding something with an elastic backing. I found the cutest trim that was just perfect!

Wanna give it a try?

Lets Go!

Materials to make a diy Ribbon-Embellished Winter Hat

  • Purchased hat (mine was chenille but wool or cotton would work too)

  • Tapestry Needle and very heavy thread or string

  • Scissors

  • Purchased elastic-backed trim* (must have elastic backing or it won’t stretch around your head)

*measure around the perimeter of your hat and add one inch

Instructions how to Make a Women’s Ribbon-Embellished Winter Hat

Step 1

Thread a tapestry needle with very heavy thread or string. Begin stitching ribbon firmly down in place. Use a long stitch and weave back and forth to secure all sides of the trim down.

Step 2

When finished stitching, double over your ending and stitch down securely, hiding any raw edges.

That’s it! The only time consuming part of this project is picking out a special hat and trim. Sewing it on is a breeze and you’ll be so pleased at your masterpiece! Hoping you stay warm and healthy this winter!

Ladies DIY ribbon-embellished winter hat with gloves
How to make a DIY ribbon-embellished ladies winter hat