Quick & Easy Valentine's Wreath

Finished DIY Valentine Ribbon Wreath

I couldn't help myself from writing one more post for Valentine's day. I was at Michaels a couple days ago and saw a really pretty string of Valentine's ribbon. It was 78" long and, I bought it without a real plan of how to use it. Do you ever do that when you see something fun at a craft store?

When I returned home I was in the garage and found an old grapevine wreath. Perfect for decorating! 

Let's Go!


  • Purchased ribbon "string" (see below for instructions to make your own)

  • Grapevine wreath

Easy as pie, I wrapped this ribbon string around the wreath. Then I found some pink ribbon from my sewing room and tied a big pretty bow. Another sheer ribbon in red was then wrapped around the wreath to fill in gaps.

Look how pretty it looks on my pink door (yes I have a bright pink door...year round!)

Hand made DIY ribbon wreath on pink door

As I was making this wreath, I thought how easy it would be to make my own "ribbon string." It could be done with any color ribbons or fabric strips. I grabbed some supplies from my bins of scraps and thought I'd show you how easy it is to make your own!