Nifty Knitting Needle Storage: Let's Get Organized!

A fellow knitter told me a while back about her amazing Della Q knitting bag and I could barely wait to get one. I'd been looking for a way to store various sizes of circular knitting needles & DPNs (double-pointed needles) or crochet hooks so that they're all right there when I need a particular one. Sometimes I get inspired to work on a particular project and never know when it's going to hit me...and sometimes that's when I'm traveling and finally have time to work on a small project I've been wanting to try! Click for our complete Knitting Basics series.

What I love about the Della Q bags is the variety of small compact needle cases (like the one I'm showing here) but they also make bigger bags, all with high quality materials and darling fabric choices you can choose from. The needle cases are labeled in both US and Metric sizes which is super helpful. In addition, Della Q offers a few other products such as cases for makeup brushes which is another favorite!

Video demonstration: click the white triangle "play" button in image below.

This case, the DPN (Double Pointed Needles) + Circular Case, allows you to store multiple sets of circular needles and holds one full set of DPNs.

These cases and bags are really special and I love anything that will help keep me organized both at home and when I travel. Since my business is located in my home, I feel like I have things spread from one end of my house to the other and small organizers like this will at least give me the satisfaction of knowing where my knitting or crochet needles are when I need them. 

Be sure to visit the Della Q DPN + Circular website page to see her variety of cover options and watch her video, and check out her variety of other knitting needle cases and knitting bags. Also let me know if you have a good system for keeping your craft or needlework supplies organized—I love hearing from you and getting your project organization ideas. 

Happy Knitting!

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