Needle Felting Fibers on a Pre-made Shawl

Embellish a ready-to-wear scarf or shawl with fun yarns, wool fibers, and metallic threads for a fashion accessory that never seems to go out of style.

One of my favorite apparel accessories is a scarf or shawl because I often get chilled whether it’s a cold Colorado winter day or a chilly summer evening. I’ve collected a number of scarves and shawls over the years and it seems they never go out of style and can be used to dress up even a plain dress or shirt.

Pre-made purchased black woven shawl
Ladies pre-made shawl blanket scarf ideas for wearing three different ways

So when I was at Target recently, I found a basic black “blanket scarf” which was super soft, had a high quality feel and best of all—a low price tag. Score! I knew just what I was going to do with it so I purchased it and went home to my box of fibers and felt.

I quickly decided I wanted to brighten up this shawl with fun yarns, wool fibers and metallic threads. This technique could be used on a variety of other items for home or apparel and you could enhance your project further with beads, buttons or even small pom-poms! You can see my Felted Fiber Book Bag or Needle-Felted Winter Hat tutorials for more ideas using the same technique. Also be sure to watch my video below for the tutorial on felting!

Let’s Go!


  • Purchased Shawl, scarf or throw (made from wool or other soft fiber fabric)

  • Needle felting tool (I like the multi tool with five needles from Clover. It’s already equipped with needles so you’re ready to begin right away.)

  • Needle felting mat (I used the brush-like mat from Clover)

  • Felting fibers in colors of your choice (available at needlework or craft stores or from your own stash)

  • Variegated yarns of all kinds

  • Buttons, beads or ribbons to embellish after felting, if desired

A pre-made shawl with needle felted fiber embellishments on a hanger over a bright dress


Step 1

Gather your materials and lay out a basic idea of the pattern you’d like for your felting.

Step 2

Place your felting mat under the area you want to felt. Carefully begin pressing your felting tool into the fibers and fabric to attach the fibers.

Step 3

Work your way around your shawl, making sure to attach the fibers in one section before moving to another section.

There are endless options for embellishing fleece, knits, or other soft-fiber fabrics. You can create a range of two dimensional (appliqué) and three dimensional (sculptural) projects with creative needle-felt techniques. Use your imagination to come up with different things you can use to give dimension to your project!

Needle felted fibers embellishing the border of a pre-made shawl wrap over a dress hanging on a door
Needle felting fibers on a pre-made shawl—step-by-step photo how to plus video