Modern Craft Storage

Painted craft storage baskets in glass-doored bookshelf

This weekend I was cleaning my craft room/office which had become a huge mess. As I'm working on projects and photography for Yarn Scissors Silk, I often have supplies scattered all over the place and lately, it has been way out of control! I LOVE to be organized, but more than that, I love for things to look pretty. Walking into a closet or organized pantry that is clean and neat literally gives me chills! 

Knowing I still needed lots of supplies available for projects I'd be working on this week, I decided to tackle one small area of my office and vowed to make my supplies look pretty and appealing, yet accessible when I needed to find something. 

I've had a cabinet for several years that I purchased for staging a home that I was flipping at the time and the cabinet has been sitting in the garage waiting to be cleaned up and put to use! I purchased this cabinet from Wayfair and just checked to find that it's still available if you're interested. It's called the Valerie Tall Accent Cabinet by three posts. At under $200 plus free shipping, this is a great bargain. do have to put the cabinet together which isn't hard but a bit time-consuming. You can find similar cabinets at Target or Hobby Lobby

Seeing that I'm a big fan of baskets and other cute storage options, I decided to also repurpose some small baskets I'd had for ages and were collecting dust at the top of my closet. I spray painted them white and love the outcome! Now I have a small area of my office that feels clean and pretty. I can't wait to work some more on repurposing many of my things to give my office space a more creative and "homey" feel. Most craft supplies, yarns, and fabrics are pretty to look at if they aren't jumbled together in a disorganized mess. Now I feel happier and enjoy walking into my office to find supplies in this neat little display!

I'd love to hear about or see photos of your craft storage solutions! Feel free to contact me if you'd like to be featured on Yarn Scissors Silk and show off your beautiful ideas.