Miss Ashley Quilt: Story of a Special Gift

Miss Ashley quilt by Erin Russek, featured in McCall's Quilting America Quilt

My dear friend and quilter extraordinaire, Erin Russek, recently did a post on her blog about the quilt she made for me while I was going through breast cancer in 2012. The beautiful appliqué quilt she gave me is one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. She surprised me with this quilt one day at the office (we worked together at McCall's Quilting magazine), and couldn't have chosen a better time for this special gift. I was having a particularly bad week with chemo, and couldn't believe someone would take the time to make such a lovely gift for me. 

Erin and I had a lot of laughs while working on the video set for McCall's Quilting. She has a wonderful sense of humor and made me feel comfortable when I was nervous in my early days on camera.

In addition to working full time, Erin has an entertaining and educational blog, One Piece at a Time, and patterns for the lovely quilts she designs are available at Appliqué Addicts. I hope you'll take a moment to click on over to her blog and read her story about this quilt; I'm sure you'll agree with me that a lot of love went into my special gift. Thank you Erin, I will treasure it always!


Be sure to visit Erin's lovely blog!

The pattern for Erin's Miss Ashley quilt is available as a free gift from The Quilting Company (signing up for their free enewsletter is required), or in the McCall's Quilting special issue, America Quilts TogetherAutumn 2012 edition (digital-download version).

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