Makeover A Skirt With Trendy Tassels

Update a plain linen skirt by using a purchased tassel trim to embellish the hem.

Hi to all my fashion-hack friends! Do you love ideas for “upcycling” clothes that you may be a bit bored with? I know I tend to tire of the same basic clothes year after year but lots of these apparel items are in great shape and still fit well!

Woman modeling finished white linen skirt embellished with colorful purchased tassel trim.

So in an effort to update my summer wardrobe, I decided to use a quick embellishing trick and incorporate some trendy tassels I found at Hobby Lobby. I liked these since they’d be easy to sew (or use fabric glue) around the bottom of the skirt in minimal time. Are you ready to update a few tired pieces in your wardrobe?

Let’s Go!

Materials for embellishing A skirt (or other) hem:

  • Clothing to embellish

  • Sewing machine and thread OR fabric glue (e.g., Supertite)

  • Tassels or trim 1” longer than the perimeter of your garment

Instructions for embellishing a hem with trim:

Step 1

Measure the hem of your garment and add 1”. Cut trim if needed.

Step 2

Place trim around the garment (on the inside). Fold ends of trim under to avoid fraying. Using matching thread, sew onto garment. Alternatively, use a strong fabric glue, like Supertite, to attach.

Note: For washing, hand wash or use a delicate cycle, cold water.

Take a look at how I embellished an old pair of jeans with a similar trim: see Embellished Denim Blue Jeans.

Have you embellished or upcycled any of your clothing? I’d love to hear about it or see photos of your before and after projects!

Makeover a skirt with trendy tassels - step-by-step photo how-to tutorial at Yarn Scissors Silk.