Make Farmhouse-Inspired Rustic Rope Placemats

Use inexpensive rope from the hardware store to make easy DIY placemats and you’ll have a trendy update to your home decor.

DIY rope placemat on rustic dining room table surface

Hi friends! I sure hope you had a wonderful Memorial day holiday this past week! Maybe you found some time to create and craft or garden outdoors like I did! I’m so happy that spring is finally here in Colorado since I’ve been itching to start grilling out and eating outdoors on the patio.

Rustic farmhouse table setting with hand made rope placemat

Weather permitting, we’ll eat most meals outside this summer which is why I wanted some new farmhouse inspired placemats that I could use indoors or out. I’d seen some rope placemats at the store with a price tag of $30. each and decided (as I often do) to make my own—a much cheaper version of the rustic placemats I found at the store.

Pair of rustic handmade farmhouse rope placemats on a rustic barn wood dining table.

One trip to Home Depot and I was set to make my knock-off rope placemats. It took a bit of time to do the wrapping and glueing of the rope, but this is one super-easy craft that can be done with minimal and inexpensive supplies!

Ready for a fun craft that yields a sturdy placemat you can use year-round, indoors or out?

Lets Go!

Materials For DIY Rope Placemats:

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

  • Hot glue Finger guard from Ad Tech (trust me, these help a lot while securing the rope with glue)

  • Natural fiber manilla rope in thickness of your choice (I used 45 yards of 1/4” rope for one 13 1/2” placemat)

  • Sturdy Scissors

  • Optional: yarn for embellishment

Glue gun, hot glue sticks, scissors and package of manila rope from hardware store.

Video Demonstration of Making Farmhouse-Inspired Rustic Rope Placemats

Instructions for Making Farmhouse-Inspired Rustic Rope Placemats:

Step 1

Decide the size of your desired placemat. I did this by measuring my favorite plate and adding 2 1/2” to this diameter.

Tape measure measuring diameter of dinner plate to determine size of placemat to make.

Step 2

Heat up your glue gun to a high temperature and unwrap rope. I highly suggest using a finger guard or heat resistant gloves for this project, as you’ll be touching the hot glue several times.

Step 3

The trickiest part of this project is the beginning when you begin wrapping the rope in a tight circle and glueing. Begin by bending your rope and wrapping into a small tight circle and glue securely. Be sure to wrap tightly for the first several rounds.

Finger guards on finger tightly coiling beginning of rope placemat

Step 4

Continue wrapping and holding securely, using hot glue on each wrap.

Fingers tightly coiling and hot gluing rope to make rustic rope placemat.

Step 5

As you work your way around the placemat, begin adding a bit more glue, every 4-5”. Hold securely before moving on to the next section.

Step 6

When you get to your desired size, cut rope and glue securely down. Note: for my 13 1/2” placemat, I used 45 yards of 1/4” rope.

Step 7

If desired, embellish your placemat with yarn or cording. Secure with hot glue.

Adding optional yarn or cording to embellish finished DIY rope placemat.

Step 8

After the glue is completely dry on your placemat you may have areas where the glue is showing. You can easily pull those areas off.

Now its time to enjoy your new farmhouse inspired placemats, whether indoors or out! They’ll be the perfect sturdy placemat for the summer which can be dressed up or down depending on your chosen china. They’ll lend a rustic elegance to any table or decor!

Happy Summer!

Farmhouse table setting with DIY rustic rope placemats on wood table with pottery, silverware and linen napkins.
Learn how to make farmhouse-inspired rustic rope placemats with rope from the hardware store and a glue gun!