Make a Marble-Covered Decorative Glass Vase

This pretty, decorative DIY vase is quickly and inexpensively made with just a few dollar store items; a unique gift.

Finished DIY marble-covered decorative glass vase covered with blue flat-bottomed marbles and filled with sharpie markers

As I was trying to think of a few more gifts for my friends this holiday season, I ended up with a cute idea using minimal supplies. This glass marble vase I made could be used for a variety of things and I knew it would be a fun, small accent for a desk, bathroom or kitchen. It could be used for holding office supplies as I’ve done, or lipsticks in your bathroom, jewelry, as a votive for candles, etc. When I say minimal supplies I really mean it: I bought two items for each vase I made! The dollar store had both the marbles and the square vase. Armed with just my glue gun I went to work and in a half-hour I’d made several small gifts!

flat-bottom blue marbles, glass vase, glue sticks, glue gun: supplies for making a marble-covered vase with minimal inexpensive supplies from the dollar store

Let’s Go!

Materials for making a diy decorative beaded glass vase:

  • Small square or rectangle vase from the dollar or thrift store

  • Bag of flat-bottom marbles from the dollar or craft store

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Decorative glass vase covered with blue marble beads with a glue gun

Instructions & video demonstration for how to make a decorative inexpensive vase:

For a video demonstration showing how easy this process is, click the white triangle "play" button in the center of the image below.

Step 1

Lay out your materials and heat glue gun on high setting. Begin at the bottom of the vase, glueing the flat end of the marbles into place, and being careful not to glue the marble below the bottom of the vase so the vase will still sit flat. Make sure to hold each marble until it dries on your vase and be careful not to burn your hands!

hand holding dollar store glass vase covered with flat-bottom blue marbles applied with a hot glue gun

Step 2

Work your way up each side of vase, working one side at a time.

Step 3

It’s not necessary to glue marbles on bottom of vase. After all four sides are done that’s it!

Do you have any favorite dollar store craft projects? You’d be surprised what you can come up with just using a few simple supplies. And a glue gun always makes a project quick and easy!

finished blue marble-covered decorative vase set on a stained glass window sill
Blue marble-covered decorative glass vase hand made with inexpensive supplies and a glue gun