Knitting Basics: Stockinette Stitch

Learn the most “universal” stitch in knitting by alternating knit and purl rows.

Hi Friends! We’re here with round three of my Knitting Basics! Hopefully you successfully mastered the Knit Cast On Method and the how to knit & purl using the Continental Knitting method from my previous posts and now you’re ready to learn the Stockinette stitch. It's the most "universal" stitch in knitting, and you will use it to some extent in pretty much every pattern you will ever knit. Mastering this stitch is great for practicing the purl stitch, too.

In stockinette, all of the stitches are aligned in the same direction, unlike garter stitch, where they face different directions depending on the row it's in. You can spot stockinette because the V sides of all of your stitches will be on the right side of your knitting, while the purl bump sides will be on the wrong side of your fabric.

So many wonderful knitting patterns require the stockinette stitch, so learn how to do it today. Once you have mastered this basic stitch, you will be amazed at how many patterns you are able to complete. Whether you want to make a knit hat, cardigan, baby blanket, or anything in between, build a strong foundation by learning stockinette.

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Let’s Go!

Materials for Learning How to Knit the Stockinette Stitch:

  • Knitting needles in a comfortable-to-you size

  • Yarn

Video Demonstration Of How To Knit the Stockinette StitcH:

Instructions for Knitting the Stockinette StitcH:

Step 1

Cast on the number of stitches needed for your pattern.

Step 2

Row 1: Knit across all of your stitches. This will be your right side row. Turn your work like you would turn the page of a book.

Step 3

Row 2: Purl across all of your stitches. This will be your wrong side row.

Step 4

Repeat these rows until you've reached the desired size of your pattern. Bind off and weave in your ends.

Special thanks to All Free Knitting for allowing us to share their great tutorial with our readers!

Knitting Basics how to knit the stockinette stitch