Jumbo Yarn Garter-Stitched Pillow How-To

Use jumbo yarn and size 50 knitting needles to knit your own quick & easy decorator pillow.

My video shows you how to sew the yarn edges closed after you insert the pillow form.

As much as I enjoy knitting and crocheting, I sometimes want a quick and easy project that can be completed in an afternoon. When I was coming up with several different pillow ideas for Yarn Scissors Silk, I decided I’d use some of the luscious jumbo yarn that was sent to me from Fair Isle Yarn to make a decorative pillow for my bed. The color I chose is perfect with the colors and decor in my bedroom and I could’t be happier with the way it turned out...in just a couple hours!

jumbo 3-sisters Fair Isle Yarn pillow form knit in garter stitch

I loved working with the jumbo knitting needles and yarn, although it does take some getting used to. You really have to carefully hold your yarn in place on the needles as you work so the yarn doesn’t slide off. Once you have a couple rows knitted, it begins to feel natural and goes super fast. You could also arm-knit this pillow cover as I did in my 1 Hour Easy Arm-Knitted Throw.

jumbo yarn swatch knit with size 50 needles blue 3 Sisters yarn by Fair Isle Yarn

I kinda liked working with the needles for this project, especially since I was doing slightly tighter stitches than what I did in the arm-knitted throw. The Fair Isle jumbo yarn I used is a high quality yarn that doesn’t fray as much as some other brands of jumbo yarn and since I knew this pillow would be tossed around a bit I wanted the yarn to hold up well. Ready to start this easy garter stitched pillow?

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Hand knit pillow in garter stitch using jumbo yarn on cushion with book

Let’s Go!

Materials-for 18” X 22” pillow:

  • 2 boxes of 3 Sisters yarn by Fair Isle Yarn (31 yards per box, 17oz per box) OR other Jumbo yarn of your choice

  • Size 50 (25mm) knitting needles

  • 18”x 22” pillow form (or other size as desired)

jumbo knitting needle size 50 25mm with blue yarn swatch


Step 1

Cast on 15 stitches.

Step 2

Knit or Purl 14 rows (or until it measures 35” in length). Using only the Knit or Purl stitch is what creates the bumpy textured Garter stitch that you see here on my pillow.

binding off garter knit stitch with jumbo yarn and size 50 knitting needles

Step 3

Cast off loosely.

hand knit garter stitch swatch in jumbo yarn with size 50 knitting needles

Step 4

Fold piece in half, lengthwise, and use remaining yarn to weave/sew the sides together. Begin at one side, pulling stitches apart to create two loops and then weave yarn through each set of loops. Work your way around the pillow, leaving one end open to insert pillow form.

For a video demonstration of how to insert the pillow form and close the jumbo garter stitch pillow cover, click the white triangle "play" button in the center of the image below.

Step 5

Carefully insert pillow form and then continue using your weaving stitch to sew the remaining side together. When finished, tie off and tuck end of yarn into pillow.

closing hand knitted jumbo yarn garter stitch pillow cover over pillow form

What a wonderful accent this great pillow will make to any room!


Have you tried knitting with jumbo yarn?

Jumbo yarn garter-stitched pillow knitting tutorial how-to with video demo.