Italian Inspiration

Italian cathedral at night

This past fall I was fortunate enough to travel to Italy where my oldest son was studying in Milan. My younger son came with me and as anyone who's traveled abroad knows, it's exhausting. Especially when you buy an inexpensive flight with numerous connections! 

I was so eager to go to Italy again, having been there several times and always finding inspiration. I was in need of a change of scenery and at a crossroads with my career path. I wasn't looking for an Eat, Pray, Love experience, nor was I looking to buy a house to remodel like In the Tuscan Sun (and don't think I haven't thought of buying a house to renovate in Italy many times). At that time I just needed a break from house-flipping and time to travel with my boys. The trip proved invaluable and was the kick-start to what you see here on Yarn Scissors Silk. I came back to Colorado with a renewed sense of desire to pursue my true dream, of once again, creating a platform to record my crafty ideas. I would use and share my skills and, provide YOU with creative tutorials and stories to entertain and inspire you. 

One of the biggest reasons I've always loved Italy is because of the food and wine. Having grown up in the wine making business, I find it fun to try new wines and Italy has amazing, and relatively inexpensive, wines. Italian food always seems so fresh and the boys and I loved going to the market and picking up fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, bread and cheeses.

One of the absolute highlights of my fall trip was a cooking class the boys and I attended in more and find my recipe for authentic Italian Bolognese Sauce to serve with Tagliatelle Pasta here.

Italian Tagliatelle pasta assortment

By staying at AirBnB's, and traveling by train and metro, it turned out fairly inexpensive. The Airbnb's in both Milan and Florence were in amazing locations and very spacious. Having kitchens in both of our places helped save a bit of money as well. In Florence we stayed at a three bedroom condo just steps away from the Uffizi Gallery. In Milan, our place had a small sunny terrace with a view of beautiful architecture.

Italy was good for my soul! Having good food, great wine, interesting architecture, and my boys with me didn't hurt either!

For more Italian Inspiration and a recipe for the most AMAZING Tiramisu, see my post titled Florence Cooking Class: Easy Tiramisu Recipe