How To Make a Bow with Wired Ribbon

Beautiful ribbon bows made easy—minimal supplies and a few minutes are all thats needed! 


Presentation is important to me, whether I'm embellishing gifts or arrangements or creating accents with beautiful ribbon bows. Over the years I've collected A LOT of ribbon and find all kinds of things to do with it! Here's a simple tutorial for making fabulous bows in a matter of minutes.


VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: How To Make a Bow With Wired Ribbon:

For video demonstration, click the white triangle "play" button in the center of the image below.

Video demonstration of how to make a beautiful wire-edged ribbon bow in less than a minute!

Let's Go!


  • Wire-edged or other stiff ribbon (you'll need 2-4 yards depending on the size of your bow)

  • Scissors for cutting the ribbon (tip: don't use your best fabric scissors as the wire edge may nick the blade!)

  • Florist wire or twist-tie

  • Small piece of clear tape




Begin by cutting a 2-3 inch piece of thin wire which will be used to secure the middle of your bow. 


Then determine the size of the bow you'd like to make, and form a circle with your ribbon. The size of your circle will be the approximate overall size of your finished bow. Use a small piece of tape to hold your circle together while wrapping. 

You'll need about eight circular wraps to form your bow. Keep in mind that if you want "tails" on your bow, you'll need extra length for that. (For my bow, I used three yards of ribbon.) After you've wrapped the circle, pinch the center of the ribbon and use your wire or twist-tie to keep the center in place.


Begin spreading the ribbon loops and work from side to side so your bow has fullness all the way around. Then secure with your ribbon "tail" and pull tightly. Now you know how to make a bow with wired ribbon and have a beautiful, professional-looking bow to use in an arrangement or on a gift. Stay tuned for my next post where I'll show you how to use these bows in a creative flower display!


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