How to Fringe a Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Make an easy fringed t-shirt with stylish 3/4 length sleeves; it's perfect for any age and all you need are scissors!

How to fringe a long sleeve waffle-knit shirt

How to fringe a long sleeve waffle-knit shirt

I've been cleaning out my closet recently and realized I have duplicates of some of the shirts I liked so much that at the time of purchase that I thought I needed two of them! (It's usually a "buy one get one 1/2 off kind of deal that I can't refuse.) In the case of this long sleeve waffle-knit shirt, I thought I'd experiment with a way to change it up and make the sleeves shorter to wear in warmer weather while adding a little spunk.

Finished fringed long sleeve waffle-knit shirt

Not knowing how this little experiment would work, I think it turned out pretty cute and the entire project took about 20 minutes! 

Let's Go!

Three t-shirts to be cut and fringed


  • T-shirt of your choice (I chose a long-sleeved shirt since I could "fringe" the arms too)
  • Sharp scissors
Trimming the hem and sleeves to make a fringed long sleeve t-shirt


Using very sharp scissors, cut off any seams or hems around arms or bottom of shirt . Decide how long you'd like for your "fringe" to be and add 1/2" to this measurement. For instance, I wanted my finished fringe 2 1/2" long so I made my cuts three inches long since tying the knot will take up about 1/2".

For a video demonstration, click the white triangle "play" button in the center of the image below.


Be sure to pull your knots tightly and very close to the shirt. 

After I made the shirt I washed it and dried it. I think it looked even better after the washing since it softened up the cut edges a bit more. I'm so happy with my finished fringed shirt—I'd love for you to give it a try and send me a photo!

Ashley modeling the finished fringed long sleeve t-shirt