How to Embellish Flip Flops with Silk Flowers

Make tropical flip flops with inexpensive products to create a darling summer accessory.

How to embellish flip flops with silk flowers

I recently saw some darling flip-flops at the store and knew that with a few inexpensive products I could easily make my own. I knew they'd be perfect for an upcoming lake trip and would be comfortable and festive!

Purchased purple flip flops to embellish flip flops with silk flowers

I already had left over silk flowers from a past project (Simple Centerpiece Arrangements with a Bow-K base) so the only thing I would need to buy were the flip-flops. I found the perfect purple ones at the store for 50% off their normal price of $2.00. I didn't think I could go wrong with this purchase!

Silk flower stems, wire cutters, glue gun and flip flops to embellish flip flops with silk flowers

Let's Go!


  • One pair of flip-flops of your choice
  • Glue gun and glue sticks (I used my ad-tech glue gun which has a low setting)
  • Craft scissors or wire cutters
  • Silk or other artificial flowers 


Using basic craft scissors, cut flowers VERY close to the base since the flower will need to lay flat to glue down onto strap. You'll be cutting through a very small piece of wire so scissors are usually fine. If the wire stem is thicker you may want to use wire cutters. Cut as many as you think you'll need for your pair.

Beginning at the top part (where the straps meet), glue your first flower. I used my ad-tech glue gun which I love because it has a low setting. Any glue gun will work but be careful not to melt the plastic on the flip-flop if the glue gun gets too hot. Carefully hold down each flower till dry as you work. 

Work down the strap, adding as many flowers as you'd like and being generous with the amount of glue you are using.

For a video demonstration, click the white triangle "play" button in the center of the image below.


Now you have cute custom flip-flops like no others to use yourself or give as a gift. This is also a perfect project for kids (if they're old enough to work with a glue gun). maybe a trip to Hawaii!

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