LONG CIRCLE Part 4 (House flip)

I'm a goal-setter and believe that to take on a complete home remodel, you need to have a goal in mind for completion. Without a plan for each and every day it would be very difficult to get a remodel done or a flip back on the market in a timely manner. Contractors need deadlines and so do you for your sanity. Having said this...most remodels never go according to plan and take more time and money that you ever thought they would. The Long house took about seven weeks from start to finish which is relatively quick to gut and remodel almost every inch of a 4000 square foot home. My contractors were, for the most part, reliable and honest, and respected my decisions whether they agreed or not.

I will say it here publicly, I am not easy to work for when I have hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line! I am all business when doing a home and at 5'3" tall, can hold my own when it comes to dealing with workplace problems or troublesome contractors (I must not be all that bad though since many of my guys have been working with me for years). They know my expectations are high and the timeline is short when doing these remodels and are usually upfront with me if they can't fit it into my timeframe and will respectfully turn down the job, knowing I'll call them again on the next project.

Finding the right people to work on a house is absolutely imperative. I learned the hard way that hiring cheap unqualified labor will ALWAYS backfire! No matter how tempting it is to hire someone whose bid came in 30% less, if they are not licensed and don't have credentials or references just DON'T DO IT! Most of the time you'll pay for it in the end with something not passing inspection or them charging more at the end because it was "a bit more involved" than they thought. If you are living in a home that is under construction, just remember that safety is important and you don't want anyone working in your home who isn't honest. Again, I know this from experience. 

The fabulous part of the Long House, or any remodel, is the day it's all put back together, the house is clean and staged and the listing is active. The hard part is waiting to see what others think and if you'll sell the house quickly and profitably. I'm proud of the way the Long House turned out and the before and after pictures really tell the story. 

I have so many other experiences to share with you and hope you've enjoyed the stories of the "Long" house. It was a fun project and in the end I made a fair profit which gave me a bit more money to invest in the next house. Stay tuned to hear about that house and so many more that I've remodeled in the course of 30 years. I wouldn't be sitting here in a home I love with the luxury of writing on this website right now if I hadn't taken some risk and worked really really hard on these homes. I can tell you that once the house is finished and you look back at the "before" pictures, and realize what you created, it's all worth it and so satisfying. The biggest bonus of all though is when a buyer walks through the home, falls in love and compliments all of your hard work. When everyone walks away happy it makes it all worth it!

Please share your stories with me by commenting below or using the contact form on this site. I'd love to see your before and after photos and hear about your successes or failures. I've had both and can relate! 

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