Curtice Cottage Home Remodel Part 4 (Outdoors & Final Touches)

Wrapping up renovations with the garage, driveway, backyard patio and gardens, and finishing touches inside.

The first winter and holidays in semi-finished Curtice Cottage
Downtown historic Littleton, Colorado sign on Main Street

I'm hoping you've enjoyed seeing the past posts on my Curtice Cottage. This is my last post about my renovation, although in the future I'm sure I'll share lots more renovation/house flipping posts, some with interesting side stories! Since I've renovated and sold over 40 houses since I was 23 years old (before "house flipping" was a common term), I have lots of success (and occasional failure) stories!

Building a garage in back of Curtice Cottage in historic Littleton, Colorado

Through the fall and winter of my renovation, I began planning the garage and driveway for the home. There had never been a garage on the property and with the Colorado winters I thought it was important to have a paved driveway and garage. Boy was it a good idea! In addition to providing storage for two cars, it gave me a large storage area.

Inside the house I worked in my spare time finishing painting (lots of trim to repaint after the hardwood floors were stained), repairing walls, adding lighting, mirrors and window treatments. I love sewing, and made some of my fabric window coverings, but purchased some great white wood shutters for other windows. I had some sort of project nearly every day and really enjoyed it. 

One of the last areas I finished was my dining room since it had housed all my construction materials and stored my paint and boxes of supplies. With fresh paint, new lighting, new windows and window shutters, it changed the room dramatically. It turned out to be the light, bright space I'd hoped for. 

For my guest bedroom, I painted the walls a calm blue color which went beautifully with my white trim and wainscoting and antique furnishings. The living room was painted the same color as most of the rest of the house, a restful light grey that looks so nice with white trim.

As I worked on my "Curtice Cottage" I had to get creative with smaller spaces than I was used to in most of my other homes which presented a unique challenge. One of the things I'd loved about the house when I purchased it was the light open space which certainly makes it feel bigger than it is. The kitchen flowed into the family room (in fact it's really one big room) and the dining room was part of the living room so these spaces needed to be divided with placement of furnishings. 

Finally spring arrived and lots of work took place in my back yard and patio. One of my favorite places to be is my patio, which is now lush with plants and flowers, and a flagstone path and seating area which my boys helped me create. After the garage was finished, my back yard was transformed so I could plant a garden and view the amazing sunsets, looking west towards the Colorado mountains. I'm lucky to have been able to create a little place where I can have a home office to work on creative ideas and products for Yarn Scissors Silk. 

Sunset view from the backyard of Curtice Cottage in the late fall

Here's a slide show from some of my favorite before and after projects in my house. Have you renovated a home or have any interesting house stories? I'd love for you to share them or send me before and after photos. I'd also love for you to tell me what you'd like to hear more about in future posts. I can get specific about choosing lighting, paint, cabinets or even things to look for in a home to flip!

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