Curtice Cottage Home Remodel Part 1

A story about the adventures of remodeling my home.

Curtice Cottage in Littleton, Colorado in the spring after remodeling

I've lived in Littleton, Colorado for a long time and have seen the "old-town" area come back to life. For years I dreamt of having a shop in one of the darling buildings along main street, but then decided I'd be better off just having a home near this cute and upcoming area which is just 20 minutes south of downtown Denver!

I purchased my cottage home in 2015 and it was a true mess. The house was structurally sound (but was built in 1902 so it definitely had the charm of creaky floors, uneven trim, old windows and such). Luckily I could see past the rough interior and had a vision of how I'd change and remodel the house to improve the value and provide a pleasant place to live within walking distance of a vibrant small downtown area.

Redecorating and planning supplies for home remodel...wallpaper, computer and coffee

Armed with my survey, plans for the garage addition, samples, sketches and some rolls of wallpaper, I began the planning stage of this project. I'd be living in the house during the remodel so I left a lot of my stuff packed up, and planned to tackle one room at time. I'd be doing much of the work myself so I knew this wasn't going to be completed quickly!

My son's bedroom was the first room we tackled. It was rough! The hot pink and brown stripes obviously didn't go over too well with him so we got to work priming...and priming...and priming! Even using Benjamin Moore's best primer, it took two coats to cover up the strong colors on the walls before we even began to paint the blue color.

The pretty blue we chose turned out perfect—Benjamin Moore #2062-40, Blue Daisy in Pearl finish.

On the trim and doors I used Benjamin Moore's "Snowfall White" paint in a semi-gloss.

I did all the painting in the house before the hardwood floors were refinished. I painted pretty much every surface in this 1700 square foot house. One of the things I loved about my cottage was the beautiful wood trim throughout. Sometimes, however, when painting trim, you begin to wonder if it's a good's a tedious project but makes ALL the difference! 

The doors in the house were a lightly stained wood. They were in excellent shape other than the hardware, but since I love white doors and trim I de-glossed the doors, lightly sanding, and priming before painting with the final trim paint. It took weeks to finish the trim and door painting but it updated the house tremendously.

While the boys were finishing up their rooms, I tackled my master bedroom. I'd camped out on the sofa long enough! The master bedroom is pretty large since it was an addition done years ago but it was still dated, so I painted the trim in the same white color as the rest of the house. The wall color I used is Benjamin Moore AC-25, eggshell finish. This color is a light grey that truly goes with just about anything. It's a cool grey that still has a little warmth to it and is the perfect neutral for many decors.

After changing the dated light-fan fixture, updating electrical outlets, staining the hardwood floors and adding draperies on my newly painted windows, I was finally able to set up my room!

There's a lot more to tell you about my Curtice Cottage so stay tuned for Part 2, where I'll tell you about my wallpapering adventure, bathroom remodel and kitchen tear-out! 

Curtice Cottage Home Remodel

Part 1 The Beginning (above)
Part 2 The Kitchen
Part 3 Bath & Laundry
Part Part 4 Outdoors & Final Touches

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