Printable 3D Explosion Box Cards: 3 Free Designs to Delight

Delight your recipients with a 3D box containing creative bits of ephemera or gifts…a fun twist on traditional gift cards!

Three finished free explosion box 3d card printable patterns

Don’t worry - this paper craft is not as dangerous as it sounds! Explosion boxes are a folded box that opens as you remove the lid, revealing pages of personalized photos, sayings and decorative trinkets. You can also put a small gift inside to make your box extra special. 

Explosion boxes are perfect for any occasion, and are a great combo of both a card and a gift. Shari’s Berries is sharing their unique printables with Yarn Scissors Silk readers…there’s an explosion box for every special person in your life! Print out one of the designs, follow the instructions, and in no time you’ll have a custom gift that is sure to impress. Who will you make an explosion box for?

Free Any Occasion Explosion Box Printable

Whether you’re looking to send a sweet sentiment “just because” or to celebrate of of life’s little moments, the Any Occasion explosion box will help you do the trick!

Tips: Message ideas: “Thank you for everything!” or “You’re the best!” Cut out the included star shapes to give your card extra pizazz. Try adding purchased stickers to further embellish your cards and personalize your message.

Any/all occasion free 3D printable explosion box card opened with sample photos and embellishments

Free Birthday Explosion Box Printable

Another year older, another year wiser. Make the guest of honor feel extra special with a personalized card that really pops!

Ideas: Add a note about things you’re looking forward to doing with them this year. Incorporate photos of the two of you or your group of friends. Fill the layers of your box with inside jokes and sayings that will make them smile.

Assembled and embellished birthday explosion box free printable with pink confetti ribbon

Free Love Note Explosion Box Printable

Have an anniversary coming up? Looking for a way to remind your partner how much they mean to you? Valentine’s day? This love note is sure to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face!

Inspiration: Consider incorporating engagement photos or your favorite photos of the two of you. Think about how this person makes you feel and write it down! When crafting sayings for your card, remember to speak from the heart.

Love note 3d explosion box free printable assembled, unfolded and embellished with photos and rings

Let’s Go!

Materials for Making 3D Explosion Boxes:

Instructions for making a 3D Explosion Box Card:

Cutting out free printed 3d Love Note explosion box using scissors

Step 1: Print out your template of choice (birthday, love note, or any occasion) and cut where necessary.

Folding the printed and cut out shapes of the free 3d explosion box printable card

Step 2: Fold your explosion box along the dotted lines in the printable.

Using a glue stick to glue cut out pieces of the free printable 3d explosion box gift card design

Step 3: Glue the layers together. You’ll glue the backside of each center square to create the pages on the sides. Then, you’ll add glue to the backside of the outer layer and attach it to the bottom center layer. This makes the outside of your explosion box to be bright and colorful! 

Folding the printed lid of the 3d explosion box card design

Step 4: Assemble the lid. Fold along the dashed lines, then add glue to the square corners and fold them inward. Use paper clips to hold everything together until the glue dries. 

Pen, photos, and paper embellishments cut from the free 3d explosion box printable card

Step 5: Time to put it all together and personalize! Add embellishments, photos, and notes to make it unique. 

A special thanks to Shari’s Berries for sharing these delightful Explosion Box printables. Find lots of yummy treats (like gourmet chocolate covered strawberries!) to put in your Explosion Boxes at Shari’s Berries!

Three free printable 3D Explosion Box card designs…perfect for birthday, love, or any occasion.