Felted Fiber Book Bag


I'm on a "needle felting" kick right now! It's such a great look and very easy and inexpensive to do. I'd even go as far as to say once you start using this needlepunch felting tool it's a bit addictive! This project is embellished with felting techniques, but stay tuned for more advanced projects you can make with needle felting. I've put together a quick video below to show you how easy it is to use this technique.

There are endless options for embellishing fleece, knits, felts, or other soft-fiber fabrics. You can create a range of two dimensional (appliqué) and three dimensional (sculptural) projects with creative needle felt techniques. For my bag, I went to my bin of left over fibers, yarns and ribbons. I also found some beads and buttons and even a pin I'd picked up at a craft show several years ago.  Use your imagination to come up with different things you can use to give dimension to your project!

Let's Go!

Materials needed:

  • Felted Bag in size of your choice. Mine is from Michaels and they had various colors and shapes

  • Needle punch tool (I like the Clover Felting Needle Tool tool with five needles. It's equipped with needles so you're ready to begin right away)

  • Needle felting mat (I used the brush-like mat from Clover)

  • Felting fibers in colors of your choice (available at craft stores or use pieces of yarn from your scraps)

  • Variegated yarns of all kinds

  • Tapestry Needle and heavy thread, string or yarn

  • Buttons, beads, pins and ribbons for embellishment after felting

The needle punch tool is very easy to use but take caution, as the needles are very sharp! You'll use the brush-like needle felting mat to enable the smooth punching to mesh well with the base fabric.

When I was finished with the felting on the front I had an idea to use a scrap of knitting from my gauge test samples. This created a fun little pocket on the back of the purse by simply stitching it down with yarn and embellishing with a button and ribbon!

I hope you enjoy this technique for needle felt embellishing as much as I do.  I'd love to see your ideas and photos of felting projects you've done!

Happy Crafting!