Fabulous Fall Wreath How To

Make a quick, inexpensive custom wreath for fall to welcome and celebrate the new season.

Finished hand made fall wreath hanging on wooden fence outside.

I love having a wreath on my front door all year. I change my wreaths every season and enjoy welcoming and celebrating the new beginning that each season brings. When I perform this ritual I reflect on the previous season. Did I enjoy the weather? Did I feel productive, content and happy? If not will this new season bring change? Can I create change in my life in the same way I am going to create a beautiful item for my home? Bet you didn't know a wreath could be tied to so much emotion!

Detail of autumn wreath hanging on wooden fence outside.

This year I wanted to make something different and have admired many of the wreaths I've seen lately in stores and various catalogs that show up in the mailbox this time of year. I've seen several I loved but at a price tag of up to $250. I knew I could make exactly what I wanted for far less. 

Knowing Hobby Lobby had their floral supplies on sale, I hurried there to purchase all the supplies I'd need. I found some amazing bargains on the clearance shelf and even spotted a finished wreath they had hanging. At a price of $129. I became even more excited to create something similar—but custom. In total I spent $17 at Hobby Lobby, combined with three items from the dollar store and went home to create something a bit lighter and brighter than my previous fall wreaths. 

Let's Go!


  • Purchased wreath form of your choosing

  • Floral or other thin wire (I used brown to blend in better with my colors, but green is fine too)

  • Wire snips

  • Various decorative items to decorate your wreath (try feathers, floral, greenery, small lightweight pumpkins, berries, acorns, leaves)

  • Ribbon for hanging wreath

  • Hot glue gun (only if attaching small items that can't be wired on) Note: I love my sturdy new ad-tech glue gun—you can find it here


For a video demonstration, click the white triangle "play" button in the center of the image below.



Note: I chose to wire all my items to the wreath instead of using a glue gun. Either method could be used but I like to change things up year after year, and if wire is used it's easy and quick to add or subtract a few decorative items to create a new look

Step 1
Take a look at your door and decide on a size for your wreath. Purchase items from the store or use things you may have on hand to decorate your wreath. Inexpensive wreath forms of all shapes and sizes can be found at the craft store. Look at some of the deals I got! 

Step 2
Clear a space on a table to spread out your supplies so you can see what you have as you add things to your wreath. Since items will be wired on, feel free to move and change things as desired.

Step 3
Cut wire pieces long enough to wrap completely around wreath form and stems. 

Step 4
Begin placing and wiring as desired, adding and subtracting items as desired. 

Step 5
If you're adding any small items that can't be wired on, use your hot-glue gun to attach these items now.

Step 6
Decide how far down you'd like your wreath to hang on the door and cut enough ribbon to wrap around wreath, make a bow and have enough of a hanging loop. Attach this ribbon and you're all done!

Finished hand made fall wreath hanging on a fence outside.

Having left over supplies, I made another large wreath for my back door and a tiny little wreath decoration for a table display.

Hope you get creative and enjoy an afternoon creating something custom to enjoy for a few fall months. If you make a custom wreath I'd love to see photos that I can post on my site—it's always fun and inspirational to see what others come up with! You might also like…How To Make Fast & Fun Fabric Pumpkins and Wired Ribbon or Fabric-Strip Wrapped Wreath.

Happy Autumn!


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