Embellished Spring Easter Cards

Fabric-embellished hand-made spring Easter card

Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner! I love sending cards to friends and family and this year I decided to depart from my traditional paper-craft cards on which I use stickers and die-cuts to embellish. These fabric-embellished cards take minimal supplies and can be altered in any way depending on the supplies you have on hand. I happened to have some springy fabric scraps left over from my last quilt, and with the addition of some ribbon and stitching, I created some cute cards that I'm sure the recipients will appreciate!

Let's Go!

Materials for Embellished spring Easter Cards:

Note: stitching through the fabric, glue and paper, will slightly dull your sewing machine needle so be sure to change your needle before you begin intricate sewing or quilting projects after making your cards.

  • Blank cards with envelopes (I purchased mine from Michaels)

  • Sewing machine and thread

  • Fabric and ribbon scraps

  • Glue stick (I used child-friendly Supertite glue stick which dries quickly so you can move quickly through your project, and is easy to sew through)

  • Stronger glue for attaching buttons or beads (Supertite SuperTough 360° is a flexible glue that works well)

  • Buttons or other small embellishments you'd like to add

  • Pinking Shears/scissors


Step 1

Cut fabric scraps as desired for your card. For my cards, I fussy-cut around a flower motif in my fabric with pinking shears. Fussy-cut means to cut around a motif or specific design in your fabric. I also cut ribbon to the length needed for my card and cut small oval "eggs" for the Easter card.

Step 2

Glue your pieces of fabric and ribbon on the card. Get creative and experiment with different placements and ways of using your supplies! Let the cards dry for at least 15 minutes before stitching. 

Step 3

Next, experiment with fun stitches on your machine. I used a dense zig-zag stitch around my oval egg. Sewing the ribbon and fabric around the edges of the card will assure you that everything is firmly attached and in place.

Step 4

Now just trim edges as needed around your card and attach buttons or beads with your stronger glue to further embellish the card. Let dry and send to your lucky recipients! Remember that you may need a little extra postage depending on the weight of your finished card.

Hope you enjoy this fun project and have a happy Easter! I'd love to hear from you about your handmade cards. Feel free to comment below, and/or send me photos of your projects using the contact form on the site!

Close-up of fussy-cut fabric shape on hand-made embellished spring Easter card