Embellished Denim Blue Jeans: Fun Trims to Update Your Look

I have to admit that I have a plethora of denim blue jeans! I'm constantly organizing my closet and donating items I no longer wear, but have a hard time parting with jeans. I have various sizes and keep some around in case I gain (or lose) weight. Some are dark denim, some light, some tight, some long and a couple that were too short. I finally decided to figure out how to "lengthen" a couple pair of my jeans, while updating and embellishing with some fun left over trims.

I have several containers of left-over trims from various sewing projects over the years. Some of my trims are really pretty and I found a few that would be long enough to attach to the bottom, side, or pockets of my jeans. I used a fabric glue to attach some of the trims and the Supertite fabric glue I chose worked well when using lighter-weight trims. I found that I needed to use my sewing machine to attach the heavier gold trim to make sure it would remain secure.


Let's Go!

Essential Materials: 

  • Blue Jeans (or other apparel you'd like to embellish)

  • Fabric Scissors

  • Trims of your choice*

*My trims were left-over upholstery trims. Fabric stores offer a variety of trims, cording, or heavy ribbon

Other Materials:  

(depending on your method of attaching trims)

  • Fabric glue (I use Supertite fabric glue)

  • Sewing machine and thread


Decide what area of your clothing you'd like to embellish. Carefully measure for the amount of trim needed for your project. Be sure to add 1" to your measurement for folding over trim to finish edges. 

Cut your trim to the appropriate measurement. Using fabric glue, use a generous amount of glue and press firmly in place. I found it helpful to glue in sections, letting each section dry before turning it. You can even use a book or other heavy object to press and hold the trim while it's drying. 

For the blue jeans with gold upholstery trim, I pinned the trim to the bottom of hem and simply sewed it down. Be sure to fold the trim over and back-stitch to finish the edge and prevent fraying. 


Since I had extra lengths of some of my trims, I used them to make "belts" and simply tied them at my waist! I was so excited I'd found a way to show off some of these beautiful trims that had been sitting in my sewing room for years. 

Note: I wanted to see how well these trims held up when washing the jeans so I experimented, and was happy to see that the claim of the fabric glue being washable, was really true and worked great. I washed my jeans in cold water, delicate cycle, and hung to dry. For the jeans that I sewed the trim on, I also washed in cold water and even dried them on low in the dryer; I loved the effect since it softened the trim and held up well in both the washer and dryer. I think every trim will be a bit different in how you'll wash it and if there are lots of beads or a very delicate material I'd experiment with a short length of ribbon to see what happens when washing in your preferred method.

Have fun!

Photo credit: My dear fiancé Mark who patiently helps with anything and everything to do with Yarn Scissors Silk or whatever else I may need!

Photo credit: My dear fiancé Mark who patiently helps with anything and everything to do with Yarn Scissors Silk or whatever else I may need!



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