Pom-Pom Coasters

Completed make-it-yourself DIY pom-pom coaster

With Pom-Poms being all the rage, I decided to come up with a simple project that almost anyone can make. This would even be a great project for kids and with this easy method, you could create placemats, trivets, coasters or a variety of other things. Just make sure you don't put anything too hot on your finished project since many of the pre-made pom-poms have polyester in them (which will melt under high heat).

You'll need minimal supplies for this project, which makes it easy and inexpensive!

Simple supplies needed for DIY felt and pom-pom coaster

Let's Go!


Makes six 4 1/2" x 4" coasters


Step 1 

Measure and cut the felt sheet into 4 1/2" x 4" pieces.

Step 2

Simply peel away the backing of felt pieces and press pom-poms firmly on the sticky back.

Step 3 

Experiment with different colors of pom-poms, using those of your choice. The pom-poms are sold in packages with different color combinations so you can create something for your own decor!

You'll be pleased that your coaster will have a nice soft felt backing that won't scratch your table surface!