Easy DIY Bookmarks Using Ribbons, Buttons & Beads

Get creative with scraps of ribbon and extra beads and buttons.

Finished ribbon bookmarks with charms in assorted books.

Are you looking for a quick and easy craft-maybe something that would make a unique gift for a friend? For Christmas last year I hosted my bookclub holiday dinner and sitting at each place setting was a special bookmark for my dear friends.

These quick ribbon and bead bookmarks could make a great Mother’s Day gift or teacher’s gift—maybe along with a book! You can make them in any color or combination and use up some of your scraps, too.

These are super easy and inexpensive to make using silk or organza ribbons, beads, buttons or charms. Here are a few of the bookmarks I made for my friends. If you decide to make these, be sure to check out my bonus video of how I put them together. Your recipient will appreciate the thought that went into this small but special little gift!

supplies for making handmade bookmarks with ribbon buttons and beads

Let’s Go!

Materials to Make Easy DIY Ribbon Bookmarks:

  • Various beads, buttons and charms

  • Ribbons of different widths (I liked working with silk or satin ribbons best)

  • Sharp scissors

  • Needle and thread

  • Fabric glue (if desired—I like Supertite fabric glue for my projects)

Collection of assorted buttons beads and ribbon scraps to make handmade bookmarks.

Instructions for Making Easy DIY Ribbon Bookmarks:

Step 1

Cut your ribbon to length by measuring a book (use the tallest one you have to make sure it will be long enough.) Add several inches to your length for tying on embellishments and knotting.

Step 2

Knot one end of the ribbon and begin stringing beads on. Use a needle, if needed, to thread beads on. Pay close attention that your beads have a big enough hole to thread ribbon through.

Step 3

Get creative with your use of objects and combine stitching with tying. Add embellishments to both ends for an evenly weighted feel.

Video Demonstration:

Tips for your project:

  • If you have frayed ends, you can slightly singe with a match so they won’t continue to fray

  • Be sure to knot beads on either end to secure them so they don’t slide

  • Before cutting your ribbon, decide how many times you’ll knot it and add about an inch for each knot

Above: Here’s one of my favorites. I used an old pearl closure for one end of the bookmark.

Hope you enjoy this fun little project! I’d love to see photos of your special bookmark and hear about any good books you’ve read lately! I’m almost finished with Where the Crawdads Sing and have loved it. What’s your favorite book?

How to make Easy DIY Bookmarks Using Ribbons, Buttons & Beads (with video demonstration) at Yarn Scissors Silk