DIY Weathered Moss Floral Container

Red tulips in moss rimmed pot

It's the middle of February and I'm already thinking gardens, flowers and of my favorite This reminded me that my mom had recently sent me a photo of a tulip arrangement her friend gave her. The tulips were beautiful, but the prettiest part was the basket decorated with green moss at the top. I figured I could do something similar and decorate a few of the containers sitting on my shelf. The next day I was at Michael's craft store and found the perfect thing!

In the floral department, there were various bags of moss but what really intrigued me was the green moss on a roll. Just like ribbon, it's on a roll and the perfect thing to decorate some of my containers.

The pot I've decorated here didn't have a drainage hole at the bottom so I decided to use it as a vase for the tulips I'd just picked up at the grocery store. I love flowers and am always looking for unique ways to display them.

Let's Go!


  • Container of your choice (maybe you have a pot or basket you haven't used in a while)

  • Glue gun

  • A roll of green moss

  • A cloth measuring tape

  • Scissors



First, you'll need to measure the top of your container; then cut your moss the same length. Work your way around the pot, gluing your moss on the inside, outside and top of the container. This moss bends easily so it's easy to attach.



If you have leftover moss on your roll, I highly suggest putting it in a plastic bag and writing the length measurement on your bag with a sharpie. It's pretty messy and you'll want to contain it!



All done! I filled my container with water, cut my tulips really short, and admired my arrangement. It's the perfect thing to brighten up my kitchen on these cold winter days and to remind me that springtime is on its way!