DIY Ribbon Clipboard: Upcycle an Old Frame

An old picture frame gets new life as a useful decorative clipboard.

DIY clipboard from an old frame displaying greeting cards

Now that summer is here I decided to do my annual clean up in my garage which I'd neglected all winter. I love to organize and clear out unused items and as I was doing this I found several things I thought might be useful for a DIY project. One of those things was an old picture frame I'd been keeping, despite the fact that the glass had broken a long time ago. With a few supplies in hand I created a cute "clipboard" that is perfect for some of the special cards I've received this year!

Let's Go!


  • Wood frame without glass

  • Staple Gun

  • Ribbon of your choice

  • Measuring tape

  • Small clips (I used some cute little clothes-pin clips from the craft store)


Turn your frame over so the backside is facing up. Measure the length as shown, making sure you add about 1/2" for your ribbon to give you plenty of length to provide a little overhang (you can always trim off the excess ribbon at the edges if you need to). 

Decide how many lengths you'll want, depending on what you might like to display on your frame and how big your frame is. For instance, If you are displaying business cards you might want your ribbon lengths closer together, but for hanging larger papers or cards you might want less lengths of ribbon. 

Staple lengthwise ribbons, pulling very tightly. It might help to have another person help you pull the ribbon taut and hold the frame steady. 

When my lengthwise ribbons were attached, I decided to also weave and attach some ribbons vertically. For a large frame this is a good idea since it gives the lengths more stability so the ribbon doesn't sag. 

weaving ribbon vertically through horizontal ribbons on frame

Turn your frame over and add the clips of your choice! I do recommend using a lighter clip (not a heavy metal one) to assure that the clip doesn't weigh down your ribbon and start to sag.

Hope you like this idea! If you try it I'd love to see a photo of your unique finished project! Stay tuned for more DIY ideas and feel free to contact me or comment with your own DIY crafts. I'm always looking for cute ideas and projects to publish on my site!

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