DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Ashley hangs up the hand made Easter egg wreath on a paned glass door

I don't usually do much decorating for Easter but several weeks ago I was at Michael's and saw these adorable packaged Easter eggs in the floral section. Having no idea (as usual) what I might do with them, I purchased three packages, along with some other cute floral supplies and took them home in hopes I could embellish a grapevine wreath I'd had for a while.  

Let's Go!


In the video above, Ashley shows you how to turn fun Easter supplies, such as plastic eggs, raffia carrots, and ribbon, into a pretty grapevine wreath for Easter.

I attached some pretty green ribbon and tied a big bow at the bottom of the wreath and then filled in the rest of the grapevine wreath by hot-gluing the eggs onto the wreath.

To fill in a few small gaps, I glued on some small carrots that I'd also picked up in the floral department as well. 

In this video, Ashley demonstrates how she used the purchased Easter craft supplies to make a beautiful grapevine wreath.

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