Creative Inspiration Begins at Home

Cottage style inspires creativity in historic downtown Littleton, Colorado.

Ashley's cottage home in historic Littleton, Colorado

Boasting vintage charm, quaint architecture, a vibrant community and family friendliness, Littleton is a historic suburb just south of Denver, Colorado. I'm so fortunate because I'm able to live in one of these historic, turn of the century, cottages in "Old Littleton." I took on a pretty interesting project when I bought my house, but knew the area was growing and they aren't making neighborhoods like this anymore! Plus, I enjoy a remodel...especially when I can paint my front door pink—and everyone thinks it's awesome!

The small businesses like art galleries, boutiques, gift shops, bars and restaurants make downtown Littleton's Main Street area such a fun and interesting place to visit and live. My perfect evening might be a walk down the street to Kates Wine Bar for a drink and then a romantic dinner at Cafe Terracotta. 

One of my favorite things to do is walk along the Platte River on a trail which is just a few blocks from my house. In the summer it's great to ride our bikes along the path to downtown Denver and have lunch or a drink. I have found so much peace and inspiration as I walk along this path with nature all around. It was when I was walking here that I decided, and took the leap into creating this business, Yarn Scissors Silk. 

I adore old architecture, charm and small towns that are being revived and restored. I also love having people around that still hang out in their yards meeting neighbors. Often it's in those moments where you become creatively inspired by someone else, maybe with a story of how they renovated their home or what's in their garden. 

Although small, my little cottage suits me well. On my front porch I can wave at neighbors. On my patio I can read or work on my laptop, as I come up with ideas for Yarn Scissors Silk. In my back yard I can tend to the garden, or look at a beautiful sunset. I'll be writing a post soon about my cottage renovation and all the fun things I changed and added to my house. Stay tuned!


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