Creative Gift Wrapping Techniques

It’s a whole lot more fun to open a pretty and crafty gift that someone took the time to wrap with love!

Stack of Christmas gifts with pretty creative wrapping techniques

Who doesn’t like to receive a special gift? Even better, what about a gift wrapped with creative papers and embellished with ornaments, ribbons or handmade cards? I actually love wrapping gifts and during the holidays I’m busy packaging the special items I’ve bought or made for family and friends.

Here are some various fun ideas for creative gift-wrapping and as a bonus there’s a short video on making the perfect wired-ribbon bow. I often use found items or recycle remnants of ribbon, flowers or other unique embellishments. It’s a whole lot more fun to open a pretty and crafty gift that someone took the time to wrap with love!

I found some unique wrapping paper with quilt patterns and just had to grab some for wrapping the holiday gifts for my quilty friends! I had some left over burlap from a table runner I’d made and instead of throwing away the frayed threads and pieces I used them to create fun bows on my gifts.

assorted gift wrappings with quilt pattern designs

Here’s a quick video tutorial demonstrating ideas how to decorate a purchased gift bag.

Another fun idea I came up with for my crafty friends was bundling folded fat quarter fabrics with some twine and I embellished with a sewing implement or small quilt block.

Loving lace the way I do, I couldn’t resist using some to embellish a few of my more elegantly wrapped gifts. I try and wrap my gifts according to the recipient and what their tastes are!

Ribbons are an important part of wrapping a gift. I love collecting ribbons of all kinds (you’d be shocked at the amount and variety of ribbons I’ve collected over the years). Often, you’ll find craft or fabric stores greatly reducing their ribbon prices and it can be a very inexpensive way to make a big impact.

Here’s a quick video teaching you how to make the perfect wired-ribbon bow!

I had a number of small gift/jewelry boxes that I decided to transform with some left over silk ribbon flowers. These turned out really cute and I’ll use this idea for packaging lots of fun things in the future!

In addition to using lots of ribbon on a gift, I often try and tuck a special little ornament or embellishment under the ribbon—just an extra touch that makes a big difference. I used the Beaded Heart Ornament I’d made last year as a special little “extra” gift. Find my tutorial for this cute beaded heart HERE.

Handmade cards are another thing I love to use to embellish my gifts. I’ve made hundreds of cards over the years using scrapbook paper, fabric, lace and buttons. See my post HERE to learn how to make a custom handmade card embellished with up-cycled supplies from your stash!

My final fun idea this year occurred when I was at Michaels and saw some cute gift boxes with a see through top, perfect for a few of the handmade gifts I wanted to show off including this easy No-Sew Fringed Fabric Scarf! You can find a full tutorial for this scarf with a short video HERE.

Finally I’ll show you a peek at a gift I purchased for someone special in my life that could really use it…I won’t tell you who but we’ll see if it helps!

Gift wrapping a book titled “the life-changing magic of tidying up” the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by marie kondo

Creative gift wrapping techniques for crafty handmade gifts.