Charlotte's Lace: Vintage Notions Enhance Handmade Cards

Is there anything more elegant and dainty than lace? I've been a collector of linens and lace for over thirty years so when my best friend's mom starting packing up her home for a move, she knew I would greatly appreciate some of her unused lace treasures. I was thrilled when UPS delivered a box of these special items that were left over from handmade clothing and christening gowns that she'd made decades ago. This was a BIG box of things and I have dozens of projects in mind for ways to up-cycle them all. Stay tuned!

Since I was planning an upcoming trip back South and would be hosting a "Southern Ladies' Luncheon" with my mom, I quickly got to work on embellishing some blank note cards to give as favors to our attendees...including our guest of honor, Charlotte.

This project is adaptable to using any remnants or items around the house that could be attached to a card. Just remember, if you're going to mail the cards you'll want to keep them from getting too heavy or bulky, and they may require additional postage.

Let's Go!

Essential Materials

  • Pre-made note cards with envelopes (or make your own by folding card-stock)

  • Remnants of lace, fabric and ribbons

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick or scrapbook adhesive (for attaching paper)

  • Strong glue if attaching buttons or beads (I used Supertite universal glue)

  • Remnants of scrapbook or wrapping paper

Other materials to consider

  • Small buttons, beads, or other embellishments

  • Hole punch

  • Sewing machine, thread and a needle*

  • Iron and ironing board (if needed)

*I used my sewing machine to stitch on some of the lace for a nice effect but it's not at all necessary


Gather your supplies. Iron any pieces of lace or fabric that are wrinkled. Cut and place materials on your card, arranging until pleased with the result.

Glue down paper first and then layer with heavier items. If you choose to sew on pieces of lace or fabric, you may lightly glue them down first with a glue stick to hold in place while stitching. If attaching lace or fabric without stitching, I recommend using a slightly heavier glue or adhesive. 

If desired, make a variety of cards so you'll have them on stock for birthdays, Mother's Day, or thank-you notes. It's fun to experiment with different materials and embellishing techniques. You'll see I used a hole punch on some of my cards and then wove ribbon through for a special creative touch. 

Everyone at our Ladies' Luncheon really appreciated the gesture of these handmade cards and they were thrilled to see how I'd used some of Charlotte's special left-over treasures. I love having the chance to entertain and enjoy using creative ideas to make any event extra-special!

I found cute little mini-clothespins that I purchased without having a plan of how to use them. Here's a creative use I came up with that helped me make sure each hand-made card party favor reached its intended recipient or allow them to serve a dual purpose of place markers.

Video demonstrations: click the white triangle "play" button in images below.

Use vintage lace and fabric scraps to create handmade cards.

Use adorable mini clothespins to make name tags for handmade cards.

What are some of your ideas for up-cycling your treasures?

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