1 Hour Easy Arm-Knitted Throw Using Bulky Jumbo Yarn

The knitting world is going crazy over the very popular and super fast technique of Arm Knitting! Follow along with my step-by-step photos.

Finished DIY 1-hour arm-knitted throw in Free Spirit yarn by Loops & Threads in Dusty Blue.

I’ve seen so many beautiful knitted throws, shawls and pillow covers lately and couldn’t wait to give it a try! I invited some girls over last Sunday to have tea* and give this fun craft a try. I thought it would be a blast to help each other learn this fun and interesting technique. Click for our complete Knitting Basics series.

*Just a funny note about drinking tea or eating while doing arm knitting—be careful! You will have yarn on at least one of your arms at all times making it difficult to do much of anything unless you drag your project around!

One of the things I loved about arm knitting is that you use a very bulky yarn and it goes extremely fast. After we got the hang of it, we finished our throws in under an hour! I’m going to give you my pattern below which is a beginner pattern (you’ll need to know how to cast on and bind off) but if you want to try something more advanced there are lots of other patterns for sale on the internet. Stay tuned for more free projects here on YarnScissorsSilk.com and as I learn different techniques I’ll be happy to share! I’ll warn you that the very bulky yarns aren’t cheap but when you figure in that you don’t need any other supplies or tools, other than your arms, it’s not that bad. I’ve seen lots of bulky knitted throws in the stores and they can sell for hundreds of dollars so for about $60 in yarn, you can make one on your own!

Let’s Go!

Materials to make an arm-knitted throw in 1 hour using bulky Jumbo yarn:

(Finished Size will vary slightly depending on your tension. Mine was 40” x 60”)

  • 3 skeins of size 7 Jumbo Yarn-I used 35 oz. Free Spirit yarn by Loops & Threads/54 yds. per skein


Instructions with photos to make a 1-hour arm-knitted throw:

Step 1

Begin with a long-tail cast on. To make sure you have enough yarn for your cast on, make the long tail three times the width of your finished project PLUS another 10%. For instance, if your finished project is going to be 40” wide you’d want a long tail about 132” long (40 x 3 +12). Make sure your tail is long enough.

Close-up of jumbo yarn for arm-knitting technique featuring Free Spirit in dusty blue by Loops & Threads purchased at Michael’s

Step 2

Make a slip knot. This will count as your first stitch. Slide this stitch on your arm and tighten. Make sure not to tighten too much since you’ll be sliding stitches all the way up your arm. Cast on a total of 16 stitches.

Arm knitting a jumbo-yarn throw with a row of stitches on an arm

Step 3

Knit about 30 rows, or to desired length. Keep your stitches as tight as you can.

Step 4

Bind off your work and weave in the ends of the yarn.

I just love my throw and plan to make another out of this chenille yarn!

If you make this throw I’d love to see pictures! Use my hashtag to post your pictures #crafthappyhome on Instagram.

Finished 1 Hour Easy Arm-Knitted Throw in dusty blue on a white bed

How to make a 1 Hour Easy Arm-Knitted Throw Using Bulky Jumbo Yarn with step-by-step photo tutorials